The 3 Things to MeasureYour Productivity

You only did something if you have recorded it.

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I started to track my time using a daily planner. However, writing down on each 15-minute block was not as accurate as I wanted to follow my time. Also, it isn’t easy to quantify the data if recorded on paper.


  • Have you budgeted your spending on dollar amounts for this month?
  • Do you know how much you spent last month?
  • What is your total net worth right now?
Copyright Zuri Han
Copyright Zuri Han

Books & Movies

I record all the books I read and movies I watched on an excel spreadsheet. Documenting what you read is essential for any readers and content consumers to record everything you read or watch. At the end of the fiscal year, you can compare how much you read to the previous years. When recording, I include the title, author, date you finished reading/watching, category, and a brief comment about the book you read. My annual report consists of the number of books in each category and the total books read.

Copyright Zuri Han


All these tracking records are your assets that can build up your success portfolio. These records can be your documents that can be used to set your future goals, plans, and strategies to upgrade your habit. This is how I strive to be the better version of myself tomorrow.

Actions to Take

Track your measurable progress — time, money, and books you read.



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