The Ultimate Guide to Writing Yearly Review

Are you interested in tips about how to write yearly reviews to live a successful life?

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What is the Yearly Review?

Yearly Review is an overview of your progress and successes throughout the past year.

Why should you write a Yearly Review?

It would help if you took the time to write your Yearly Review at the end of every year to go over your goals from the past year and set new goals for the upcoming year. As you write your Yearly Review, you should narrate how your life has changed over the one year. It is an excellent opportunity to see if you have achieved specific goals that you set years earlier. You will get to see a clear picture of your current status and future direction of life.

How to write a Yearly Review?

There are ten domains that you can categorize your big wins for the year.

1. Life Vision

· Have you contributed to your community — friends, neighborhood, city, state, nation, religious community, or the world community?

· What is your purpose in life?

· Have you done anything this year to get closer to your life purpose?

· Write down your purpose in life.

2. Character

· What traits and values do you want to embody? Bravery? Honesty? Independence?

· Have you done anything this year to get closer to your life values?

· Write down your values.

3. Spiritual Life

· Where are you now spiritually, and have you tried out any spiritual practices this year?

· Have you learned things like prayer, meditation, or other ways to overcome fear, worry, or stress?

· Write down your current spiritual practices.

4. Love Relationships

· How much time did you and your loved one spend together?

· What was the most memorable memory you have spent with your loved one this year?

· Where have you traveled together?

5. Health and Fitness

· What was your eating and fitness systems this year?

· Do you have any new recipes that you cooked this year?

· Are there fitness goals that you have accomplished this year? (whether it’s hiking a mountain, learning to tap dance, yoga, or getting in a routine of going to the gym)?

6. Career

· What were your visions for your career?

· What level of competence have you achieved this year?

· How much have you improved your skillsets at your workplace or company?

· Have you been recognized for your excellence at work?

· What contribution to your field have you like to make?

· If your career does not currently seem to contribute anything meaningful to the world, is that because the work is truly meaningless, or does it just not have meaning to you?

7. Family & Parenting

· What wonderful experiences have you had together with your family?

· What was the most memorable experience you shared with your family this year?

8. Social Life

· Have you been keeping in touch with a close friend?

· Have you called a close friend or invited friends for brunch or dinner?

· What are some of the experiences you had with your friends?

· What conversations and activities have you had with your close friends?

9. Intellectual Life

· What did you learn this year?

· Any books or movies that stretched your mind?

· Have you attended art music, or theater this year?

· Learned any new languages? Developed new skills?

10. Financial Life

· How much have you saved this year? Did you reach your saving goals?

· Have you invested this year? What is your Return on Investment (ROI)?

· Did you budget your monthly balances?

· Did your net worth increase from the past year? How much?

Write one to as many bullet points as you want to write about each category. It will be your personal history of the year. If you write a Yearly Review every year, you will compare your progress from previous years. There is no right answer, but your honest feedback on the time spent in the past year. You do not have only to record the successes, but include failures and mistakes made. These reflections will make you stronger and remind you not to repeat the same mistakes. Give some time to think about your 2020.

How was your year 2020?

Here is a simplified version of the Yearly Review.

My favorite ME TIME activity:

My new habits:

My favorite book of the year:

My favorite movie of the year:

My favorite Instagram account:

My favorite YouTuber:

My favorite home-made dish of the year:

My favorite clothing store:

My favorite exercise:

My favorite relaxation spot:

My biggest mistake:

My favorite restaurants:

My favorite dessert location:

With your loved one

Our favorite activity/date night:

Our most frequent visit location:

Our most frequent shopping location:

Our most adventurous activity:

Our most memorable moment:

Our best travel spot:

Reflections of 2020

What are some Strengths/Positives of 2020:




What are some Weakness/Negatives 2020:




What are some Potential Resolutions to your weaknesses?




You should end your Yearly Review with some goals for the next year under the same ten categories above. Identify a goal in each category. Then, compare your goal with the original goals from the past year. Can you think of ways to reach your goal next year? What are your true underlying objectives? How would you feel after achieving these goals?

You can be as thorough as you want or make it simple by answering a few questions. It is your time to reflect on the past year. It would help if you took the time to reflect as we tend to forget our past without recording our true feelings and thoughts. These Yearly Reviews can be an excellent personal resource for your future and setting higher goals for the years ahead.

Let me know if you have any questions about writing your Yearly Review.

Adieu, 2020!



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